The firm has a robust telecommunication practice both in the regulatory sphere and litigation. We have vast experience in handling telecommunications issues involving in-depth understanding of technical know-how, telecommunications laws and regulatory regimes/rules.

The firm represents its clients in regulatory proceedings, consultations with diverse regulatory authorities on various matters e.g. tariff determination, licensing and adjudicatory proceedings before the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and the Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT), arbitral tribunals, the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

The firm has extensive experience in advising and assisting the Government of India, Department of Telecommunications (licensor) and companies (licensees) operating in communications sector including international carriers, mobile and landline telecom operators, internet service providers, submarine cable operators/ owners, cable landing station operators etc. on complex legal and regulatory issues.

The firm advises foreign companies (which are engaged in the Telecom sector) on entry strategy, regulatory framework, formation of joint ventures, obtaining foreign investment approvals and relevant telecom licenses from the licensor/ concerned Government bodies.

The firm advises clients on issues relating to routing of calls in and outside India, installation of servers/ nodes, lawful intercept and monitoring requirements, reselling of bandwidth and telecom resources, tariff, license fee/ adjusted gross revenue etc.

We also advise clients on issues pertaining to use and import of telecommunication equipment, acquisition and sharing of telecom tower site etc.

The highlights of services offered in this sector include:

  • Value Added Services and related agreements;
  • Agreements relating to procurement of telecom equipment and lease of satellite transponders;
  • Interconnection and inter-operator agreements;
  • Acquisition and sharing agreements;
  • Sale and lease back agreements.
  • Payment of license fee and reselling of telecom resources;
  • Registration of Service Providers with the appropriate Authorities.