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» Power of Courts to Grant Bail in Non-Bailable Offences" published on the website.
» Moratorium under Section 14 is applicable also to Personal Guarantee given by promoters under IBC Code 2016
» Jury is out on aspects of winding up and insolvency
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» Creating Inroads in the Liquidation Process under the new IBC Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016
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» The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Corporate Recovery & Insolvency 2017
» A Lawyer’s Style Statement- Dressing Rules & More
» Creating inroad in the liquidation process under the new insolvency & bankruptcy code 2016
» Delhi HC: Pending reference under SICA, Proceedings before the Arbitral Tribunal not to be stayed
» Heralding a Positive Change – Repeal of SICA, Dawn of New Era of Restructuring & Insolvency under the IBC 2016
» Powers of DRT / DRAT to impound Passport or put restrictions on travelling abroad of Borrowers during pendency of OA / RC proceedings
» Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code
» Heralding Change - Enforcement of Security Interest and Recovery of Debts Laws and Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Bill, 2016
» Deferment of payment and Escrow mechanism
» Evolution of Arbitration in India
» The Indian Saga of Green Bonds
» Trade marks in the Pharma Sector – A Ready Reckoner
» The Wilful Defaulter - A Beginner's Guide and A Ready Reckoner,” Lex Witness Magazine – August 2016
» Call Drops in India- A Menace”, Lex Witness Magazine - July 2016
» Mr. Alok Dhir “Veteran Talk” Interview published in Lex Witness Magazine Volume 7 Issue 11 June 2016
» The International Comparative legal Guide to : Corporate Recovery & Insolvency 2016 10th Edition
» Restructuring & Insolvency - The Indian Scenario
» NPA Management in Banks
» Hon’ble Supreme Court Interprets Fiduciary Relationship in a Landmark Case
» Provident Fund and the Expats
» Article on Commercial Court's Act
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» Budget Highlights - 2015-16
» Restructuring and Insolvency
» Rewriting the Rules on Insolvency - Acquisition International Magazine Pages 62-65
» Corporate Debt Restructuring Contextually thinking RBI's Review of Existing Prudential Guidelines - Lex Witness Magazine October 2012 pages 16 - 20
» Interpretation of various Sections of the Arbitration Act 1996
» Foreign Direct Investment In The Defence Sector
» CCI Amends Merger Control Regulations
» The Delhi Gurgaon Expressway
» M&A in the Indian Energy Sector: Recent Trends & Challenges - Corporate Livewire - June 2013
» Delhi Airport Express Line Takeover by Delhi Metro Railway Corporation
» Banks scuttle Suzlon plan to pay unsecured bondholders abroad

» Getting the Deal Through – Private Antitrust Litigation 2014.
» The Restructuring Review - India Chapter -6th Edition -Law Business Research
» COMPAT recognizes principle of ‘Relevant Turnover’ for imposing penalty; Ramji Srinivasan, Rahul Goel.
» Outsourcing - 2014 -Law Business Research (Getting the deal through)
» HC upholds laws empowering CAG to conduct audit of private telcos
» Comptroller and Auditor General of India set to knock on the doors of corporate India for audit
» Oil Regulation-2014

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