Aerospace & Defence

The aerospace & defence industry businesses face multifaceted legal challenges in a rapidly changing, fluid and reactive global environment.  The environment is highly competitive, and scrutinized. Compliance with strict liability laws and regulations is a central element of doing business in this environment.  Overlapping and sometimes conflicting jurisdictions heighten risk and require careful balancing of interests.

The firm assists both private and foreign companies, providing the optimal solutions to companies in this sector, addressing complex, multi-dimensional legal problems.  Our range of experience in this vibrant sector includes an understanding of complex defense programs, budgets and the procurement process, structuring partnership arrangements/ agreements, technology development agreements, partnership agreements, technology license agreements, protection of IP developed in collaboration.

The firm provide advice on cutting-edge issues that cover multiple legal and business disciplines. Our expertise and understanding of the business is the foundation for providing full range of legal services including: 

  • Foreign Investments
  • Regulatory
  • Structuring
  • Import and Export Control Laws
  • Offset policy
  • Joint Ventures
  • Contracts
  • Teaming Agreements
  • Sourcing/ Supply Agreements
  • Manufacturing License Agreements
  • Review/ Appeal of Administration Decisions
  • Arbitrations & Litigation
  • Bid Management

We understand that PPPs are destined to play an important role in the Defence sector and we consider that our expertise in this area adds significant value to the transactions on which we advise.